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                                                APE MAN’S DIARY:

Ape-like in their appearance :...Not had a shower for several weeks, grown all body hair, long dirty nails, dishevelled, unkempt and semi-naked; those people who hate Darwin most, have been obeying the divine command to climb this specific mountain, on the 9th of the 10th month of the Arabic calendar, every year in the last 1,400 years.

No one ever knew why God commanded them to ‘behave’ this way in this particular location in this particular day until we opened:

The Most Astonishing Diary in the History of Mankind
Islam is based on five pillars, four of them make sense. As in all faiths, these are rituals, social and spiritual practices. The fifth pillar, which is literally called the proof or argument, remained a big mystery, practised only by faith!

The first pillar:
This is the declaration of faith, equivalent to the first commandment in the Bible. Anyone who believes that: ‘There is only one God and Mohammed is his messenger’, is a Muslim, even if he/she is not aware of that.

The second pillar:
This is the five daily prayers. Performing them includes washing (hygiene), recitation of the Qur’an (meditation), meeting neighbours in the mosque (socialisation) and having direct connection with God (spirituality).

The third pillar:
Fasting Ramadan, which teaches self control, attention to the amount and types of diet, feeling the pain of hunger like poor people and increasing the awareness of what we take for granted.

The fourth pillar:
paying the standard charity: this represents the minimum welfare in the Muslim society.

The above four pillars could be found in all faiths and may make sense even to none Muslims, but the fifth is really a mystery:

The fifth pillar:

'Hajj -Pilgrimage'

This represents visiting certain locations in Arabia , on four specific days of the Arabic calendar. It is required once in a lifetime of every single Muslim who can afford it physically and financially. Performing the Hajj ‘argument or proof’, however, includes too many strange practices:

Timing and location: It could only be performed on four specific days in the Arabic lunar year. Pilgrims must get into a specific mental and physical state called Ihram which means: ‘forbidden or restrictions’, once they arrive at certain geographical entry locations from all directions around Makka, western Arabia, no matter how many days before the actual dates of the pilgrimage they arrive at these entry locations.

Cleanness: Once they have taken the preparation shower of Ihram, pilgrims are strictly forbidden from having further showers until they finish the whole ceremony, no matter how many days or weeks after. This goes against the Islamic cleanness and hygiene rules.

Dress Code: Male pilgrims are allowed to cover themselves only with two loose white sheets. These barely cover the body and stick to it. This goes against the modesty code in Islamic dress.

Appearance: Once they have engaged in the state of pilgrimage ‘Ihram’, they are not allowed to cut nails, hair or shave. All signs of civilisation are strictly forbidden, including wearing rings, watches, earrings, etc. They are also forbidden from wearing perfume or make–up and using soap or any chemicals. This goes against the strict instructions of caring about appearance throughout the year.

Social Order: The pilgrimage is the only event in Islam where mixing between males and females is quite loose. Pilgrims sleep most nights in the open desert. This seriously goes against the strict Islamic modesty and separation rules of the two sexes.

The Rituals: During those four days, pilgrims perform a sequence of strange rituals in certain hills and valleys which no one could make sense of over the centuries.

You do not need to be a Muslim, Christian, Jew, Hindu or atheist to enjoy reading through the diary of our ancestors in their first ever four days as intelligent beings, placed in charge of our planet...You just need to be an open-minded human!
Whether you believe you are descendent from Adam or apes, their diary in the Bible and Qur'an proves that these terms are two faces for one coin!

It is amazing to read as fiction; it is astonishing to learn that this is the actual ‘coded’ fact about human origin in the Qur'an which was buried for too long under the myth of
‘Adam and his little rib’!