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The End of the Fallacy of Adam’s Rib and the Most Disgusting Incest in History:

The idea that God created ‘man’ and then from his rib created ‘woman’ has always been a subject of dispute in the three big faiths of mankind. It is one of the most difficult religious ideas to take by faith. Yet, it is shared between Christianity, Islam and Judaism. Furthermore, the idea that the human race was started by incest between the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve has been a source of embarrassment to the scholars of the three faiths over the centuries. This book puts an end to this fallacy and proves from the Bible and Qur’an, without doubt, the following facts:

1. Mankind evolved from one common origin along with the rest of the living beings on earth, i.e. plants and animals [The exception being the extraterrestrial cattle].

2. All living beings ascended one evolutionary ladder that is governed by divinely designed laws (nature).

3. Human evolution started as unisex and procreated asexually for millions of years.

According to all scriptures, male and female have one common unisex origin. The conversion of the unisex lower creatures into male/female counterparts was carried out by direct divine intervention, outside the evolutionary laws.

The locomotion of the lower creatures evolved from creeping, to walking on all fours before humans were lifted to walk upright. The conversion of the first 16 males and 16 females into intelligent beings was carried out by direct divine intervention [The missing link in Darwin theory].

Sexual procreation before the conversion was bizarre and random. Misunderstanding the description of the first lesson – how to obtain successful planned pregnancy – was the source of the dogma of eating from the ‘tree of knowledge’! The first human village was created from mating between the 16 males and 16 females who were selected and converted into intelligent humans.

The term ‘Creation’ in the scriptures means: making something exists from nothing, whether as a result of direct divine command (Be and it is) or as progress from existing material that was created by the divine power and progresses according to the divinely designed laws of nature (Evolution).

The ‘Shajara Code Decoded’ draws the curtain on the fallacy of Adam’s rib and the insult to our intellect by the dogmatic idea of the creation of the male first.