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The Mystery of the Cattle

The Cow is a sacred animal in Hinduism…weird?

The Cow is the name of the longest sura ‘chapter’ in the Qur’an…more weird?

The Cow was the first god the monotheist Jews worshipped immediately after leaving Egypt to Sinai…oohh…that is really weird!

Dr Mark Thomas, UCL published a paper in February 2007 revealing for the first time that Europeans developed the gene lactase which produces the enzyme lactase that digests the sugar lactose only 7000 years ago. He concluded that Europeans could not have digested cow’s milk, rich in lactose, before these dates. He assumed that cows must have been introduced to Europe from the Middle East around that time, which must have triggered the evolutionary changes and created the gene lactase…since it is evolutionarily explained, then it is not very weird!

But dose Dr Thomas or any other Scientist has precise idea when did the cow and the rest of the group ( Camels, Sheep and goats ) appear on earth?

The general perception amongst evolutionists is that: all species have evolved from one common origin, although there is no concrete evidence that there are no exceptions to this generalisation.

This book proves beyond doubt that the common origin of all species was divinely revealed in all the scriptures, but was ill understood a long time before it reached Darwin . We have identified, within half a square mile, the location where the first ever living cell appeared, as well as identified the exceptions to the earthly evolution.

Camels, cows, sheep and goats were created outside this planet and were brought down to the ape man ‘ Adams ’ after they were converted to intelligent beings. This Extraterrestrial Evolution serves three main purposes:

1. It proves that all living beings on Earth evolved from one cell, the exception being the four ET creatures.

2. The ‘cattle’ civilised the ape man and took him away from hunting wildlife, as they used to do before the conversion. Their presence was a key factor in the psychosocial development of the early intelligent man.

3. The swift integration between the two ‘evolutions’ proves that it is all an Intelligent Divine Design, not spontaneous evolution.

The Mysterious connection of the ‘cattle’ with various religions and their place in the evolution was revealed when the Shajara Code was decoded!