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                  JOSEPH’S TRIANGLE


The Messiah is a corner stone in all the so called Monotheistic ‘Abrahamic’ faiths (Judaism, Christianity and Islam in chronological order). The three share the view that he would be born of a Virgin Mother, as a token of the divine free will of creation.

‘Jesus’ and his mother ‘Mary’ however are the subject of dispute and disagreement between the three faiths.

The Jews rejected the claims of Mary that she her son ‘Jesus’ was the Messiah. Hence they are still waiting for the true Messiah to come.

Christians have approved Jesus to be that expected Messiah and his mother Mary to be that expected Virgin Mother. However they elevated both to the level divinity and became in themselves objects of worship, not only a sign of the divine existence and power. Muslims have approved Jesus to be the Messiah and his mother the Virgin Mother, but placed him among the greatest human profits of the divine.

According to the Christian Bible, Mary was only virgin before giving birth to Jesus. Following that she was married to Joseph the carpenter and begat earthly siblings for the Messiah. According to Judaism, the above claimed marriage contradicts the purity of the expected Virgin Mother and hence consolidates their rejection of her son to be that expected Messiah. According to Muslims, the above claimed marriage was only a plot invented against Mary by those who disapproved her son to be the Messiah.
It was intended to ruin her claims to be the ‘Virgin Mother’. Hence the story of her marriage does not exist in the Holy book of Islam ‘The Qur’an’. Despite their solid belief that Mary got married to Joseph after giving birth to Jesus, the Christian Bible reports three different Joseph(s), all are claimed to be the same one Joseph who married the Virgin Mother.

joseph’s triangle examines this mysterious marriage from objective and historical angels. It highlights the discrepancies of the story, contradictions in the genealogies and the dishonour attributed to Mary and Jesus by relating them illogically to dishonoured ancestors. It concludes that Mary, the ‘Virgin Mother’ was never a ‘bride’, but it was her ‘pride’ that was meant to be ruined by one of three anonymous grooms.

Joseph’s triangle:

Mary, the ‘Pride’ and the Three Grooms