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A View Through the Eyes of

the Dead


Dawkins' and McGrath's Delusions

God has been ruling the world since intelligent man walked on this planet until the beginning of the previous century. The collapse of the ‘Ottomans’ in the early 1920s marked the end of the continuity of the Islamic ruling that dated back to the prophet Mohammed. The Muslim nation soon disintegrated into too many factions and descended into its Dark Ages. The establishment of the state of Israel on a very secular basis, that took place in the late 40s, divided the Jews around the world on their own doctrines. Soon after, the Christian West emerged into secular liberation that removed religion completely from the life of people. Thus, after too many millenniums of control, it seemed to too many people that the God of Abraham lost grip on the world’s affairs on the three fronts: the Jewish, Christian and Islamic faiths!

To this effect came an intellectual outspoken British scientist who was impressed with the Darwinian Theory. He was also disillusioned with the God of the Bible. Richard Dawkins attempted an intellectual coup against the right Divine, who had been clinging to his office for too long, but appeared to be losing control recently.

His book The God Delusion sent a wave of relief to the Western atheist secular world, alas, at last God is proven as a delusional concept. Although The God Delusion attempted challenging the God of Abraham, the Jews seemed uninterested in any debate. Muslims also, who have idolised Mohammed while forgetting his message, are too busy burning flags and embassies. They have been abusing Mohammed in all aspects of his teachings, but only got angry over the Mohammed cartoons scandal.

McGrath, an Oxford theologian, stepped in, supposedly defending the God of Abraham. In his ‘The Dawkins’ Delusion’, however, McGrath seems to be defending the very dogmatic Christian Roman pagan doctrines that in the first place insulted Dawkins and produced atheism. While doing so, he attempted, unsuccessfully, diverting the painful blows of Dawkins on the Christian doctrines towards Islam. It is apparent that McGrath sensed that Dawkins was likely to awaken the sleeping minds to question religions vigorously. This awakening is likely to harm Christianity more as most, if not all, atheists are of Christian background. If they wake up, realise that God cannot be removed, they are likely to shop around for ‘salvation’ elsewhere.

Thus, his ‘The Dawkins’ Delusion’ seems to offer those atheists only two options: either they remain atheist or re-embrace the Trinitarian Roman Christianity. To achieve that, he thought to cut the route to Islam, because Islam has a tendency to win intellectual debates more often. He was not aware that Muslims found further reason to burn flags and embassies over another scandal – teddy bear Mohammed.

The idea of this book did not evolve from the Dawkins/McGrath debate but that is where it ended comfortably.

In 1978, when I was 16 years old, I was asked at a public event to talk continuously for twenty minutes on a randomly chosen subject. The chosen subject was ‘NOTHING’!

I continued talking about ‘NOTHING’ until I gradated from the medical school over 10 years later. During my early training years as a junior doctor in Sudan , I was called to resuscitate a dying man…I did my best as humanly possible but it was clear that I was losing my patient…there was ‘nothing’ in my power I could do. During that complex emotional, spiritual and scientific struggle, and while his arm was getting very cold in my hand, my eyes focused in on his eyes…I saw his pupils dilating then they stopped, fixed dilated which is the final irreversible sign of brain death…In a fraction of a second I saw what I never thought I would be able to see…I saw: ‘NOTHING’; which was obviously a view through the eyes of the dead!

It took me many years before I was able to comprehend the captivating view that I saw! It was a fascinating journey against time in the history of the universe to the moment just before the first ever matter had existed. In that journey, gradually all natural phenomena vanished one by one – first was time, then the directions, then the space and finally the language vanished – and when the first ever matter that caused our existence vanished, there was absolutely ‘Nothing’!

**          ***          **

When I read Dawkins’ ‘The God Delusion’, I realised that no one could take God’s life. When I read McGrath's book ‘The Dawkins’ Delusion’ I realised that some Christians still prefer God to be dead! In between the two extremes, I found ‘Nothing: a view through the eyes of the dead’ is a perfect Islamic contribution to this debate, at least, while the Muslim nation is too busy burning more flags after the cartoons spread out of Denmark once again to other countries!

This book provides the first scientific description of:

‘Dawkins’ Delusion Clinical Syndrome’
and reveals the shortcomings of two Oxford university professors.