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Shajara Code Decoded

The incredible book from Dr Imad Hassan bringing new understandings of the holy texts and finally bridging the gap between creationists and evolutionists

An Extract from Chapter 7:
In Arabic, all words come from a common root from which nouns, verbs, etc are created. The word for tree is ‘shajara’. This word, however, is taken from the root ‘shajr’ which means integration or interactions, something getting into something. The word ‘mushajara’, for example, means quarrel or fight in the physical sense because the quarrelling individuals get their hands, legs and voices interacting and interfering with each other. The description of a painting with plenty of mixed colours is called b>‘mushajjar’; we say: plain window or ‘mushajjar’ window, i.e. colourful. From this perceptive the word ‘shajara’ was created. We can notice the connection to the root of the word because a tree is an object with many branches and leaves getting in each other’s way. This does not, however, mean that ‘shajara’ should mean a tree with branches and fruits in every context, as the wider meaning of the root allows a high possibility of interpretation depending on the context, the persons addressed, and level of social and intellectual development of the speaker, the addressee or the subject being spoken about. When the Shajara code was decoded, we understood why, when they have broken the order, they felt ashamed and covered their genitals.
The Shajara code placed the psychosexual development of the ‘ Adams ’ in its correct position of the jigsaw puzzle and hence the description of the entire evolution in the scriptures was decoded.