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The book could be divided into several ideas which are all integrated.

It starts by discussing the dogmatic approach of scientists to religion and of the ‘faithful’ to modern science. This is mainly based on the opinion of the ‘faithful’ on Darwin ’s theory and the short-sighted assumptions of scientists that religions represent backwardness of thinking.
It follows scientifically the description of the creation of ‘man’ from dust and clay as described in the Bible and Qur’an. Here we arrive at the conclusion that both the Qur’an and the Bible presented a scientific description of the cycle between the earth as the source of nutrients of plants and animals which humans fed on. It is a description of our complete cycle with the earth which is an indisputable scientific fact. There is no mention in any scripture that God shaped ‘Adam’ like a statue from dust or clay.
Then we disclosed that the word ‘Adam’ is a simple Arabic term for There is no mention in any scripture that God shaped ‘Adam’ like a statue from dust or clay.
Then we disclosed that the word ‘Adam’ is a simple Arabic term for ‘convertible’ or ‘adaptable’. It is a collective description by God in the scriptures for a species of lower creatures which became ‘adaptable’ for radical change after long evolutionary processes.

We followed the description of modifying the ‘ Adams ’ and arrived at the conclusion that there were many individuals, males and females, who were converted to intelligent ‘humans’ by direct detailed divine intervention. This is the missing link in Darwin ’s theory! The ‘Adams’ were then given an induction period in the divine custody, in a specific garden on the earth, a few miles away from the location of conversion which was the same location where the first ever living cell was created! In their induction period, the ‘ Adams ’ were allowed freedom except from approaching the forbidden tree, which is ‘Shajara’ in Arabic! As a result of their failure to keep the commands, some of the female ‘ Adams ’ got pregnant from ‘eating’ from the Shajara! The whole group was then expelled to take the role for which they were created as intelligent beings on the Earth.
The Islamic Hajj ‘pilgrimage’ – which literally means ‘the proof’ – is an artistic imitation of the final footsteps of the ‘Adams’ from the moment of the conversion to the moment when they settled in their first ever house as intelligent beings. Here we followed in detail the footsteps of the early ‘Adams’ and the pilgrims to prove the overlap of the two stories!
The rest of the book follows the origin of life from one cell in the water and how the divine power described in details the entire process of evolution and its laws.
The book proves that all the living beings on Earth originated from one cell and evolved over billions of years. Humans were lower species that were converted later into intelligent beings. The only exception is the group of cattle ‘camels, cows, sheep and goats’ which has a completely different path of evolution. This different evolutionary path was meant to facilitate the civilisation of the intelligent humans, to draw our attention to our shared origin with the rest of the earthly living beings, as well as to prove that evolution is divinely planned and controlled.
By counting the number of cattle that evolved separately, we counted the converted ‘Adams’ to be 16 males and 16 females, a total of 32 which was equivalent to the Dunbar Number, which represents the minimum possible number of humans that could have started the healthy human race.
Darwin did not blaspheme, but like Galileo he was a gifted man who was appreciated very late!
The Arabic version of the book is called ‘Azan Al-anaam’ which means ‘The Ears of the Cattle’ co-authored with my brother Aladdin!
This book is intended to address mankind, regardless of faith, race or location on Earth. It brings the big faiths of mankind in harmony with modern scientific evolutionary discoveries; hence it’s for people who reflect!