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      The author is a British doctor who was born and raised in Sudan in a mixed Sudanese–Egyptian family.   After graduating from Khartoum University as a medical doctor, he moved to the UK and settled here. He trained first as medical microbiologist before changing his career to become a psychiatrist, the profession that enriched his philosophical interests. Since his arrival in the UK in 1991, he has felt he has had a moral duty to contribute intellectually and spiritually to the development and well-being of his beloved new hospitable home.
He attended a course in the church and studied the Bible, out of interest and respect to the UK culture, at the hands of Christian vicars. He then followed a long road of intellectual debates and exchange of knowledge with various denominations of Christianity, scholars and laymen.  He realised from his early days in the UK that Western people do not know much about Islam from authentic sources.

He also felt offended by the aggressive attitude of some ignorant Muslims who are engaged in the field of comparative religion. As a result, he decided to specialise in this new discipline when he studied ‘The Philosophy of Comparative Religion’ as an added speciality to his medical career.

Dr Hassan’s philosophy is that, for universal peace, mankind should agree that ignorance is our shared enemy and that we should all unite to fight, instead of fighting each other over insignificant differences!  He has written a few articles and recently decided to publish his experiences in a series of books for the benefit of all.  This book was first published in Sudan in its Arabic form under the title ‘Azan Al-Anaam’ – which is generally but incorrectly understood to mean ‘Ears of the Cattle’ – co-authored with his brother, Aladdin, who is a mechanical engineer in Sudan.

Dr Hassan then adapted the Arabic form into this English version – ‘Shajara Code Decoded’ – for the wider benefit of mankind.

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